Burlington Food Council

The Ecology of Food Systems | Professional Certificate Program

UVM is offering a week long professional certificate in Food Systems this summer! It’s great to see the unfurling of UVM’s new Food Systems Spire of Excellence!

Here’s the description of the program and a link to the Certificate’s website:

“Participants of the program will gain an in-depth understanding of the ecology of the Food System and its influences on product/service/system/ organizational design. Imagine a day filled with new knowledge gained through presentations, lectures, site visits, hallway conversations, group projects, networking, panel discussions and the sheer osmosis of context. Days are a combination of classroom time and excursions. Meals are for networking and peer-to-peer learning with participants, faculty and guest lecturers. Evenings are for socializing in the GreenHouse common rooms with like-minded professionals and for casual, stimulating discussions with the scholars in residence during the nightly “tea”.”
Sounds like fun to me!

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