Burlington Food Council

Local Food Assessment Work

The Council’s December meeting was a bit of a step back to evaluate where the council is headed. One of the themes that emerged from the group was the need for planning and assessment of the local food system.

Bart Westdijk passed along some great resources for this work. He referred us to a local food systems model created by Ginger Nickerson (page 10 of this report), saying, “I think this might provide a framework to think about how to set goals around Food Council work: what areas do we want to cover/how do we look at Burlington’s Food System?”

As we discussed planning for the Legacy Project and the Municipal Plan, Bart passed along this tidbit, “In terms of thinking about writing a Food Chapter to the municipal plan: here’s an example of how that works in the local energy world. VNRC has a section on their website talking about how to write an energy chapter for your town”.

Interesting fodder for our next meeting in February!

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